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using a wheelbarrow to pour wet concrete on to a sidewalk
concrete worker pouring concrete from a hose
proudly serving luzerne county

family owned and operated

We come from humble beginnings and are a local small business that is family owned. With our combined 20 years of experience, we have the right crew to be able to help Wilkes-Barre residents with all of their concrete service needs.

We understand that concrete projects are permanent solutions, which is why it's critical to do them right the first time. That's why we work hard to deliver exceptional customer service and quality work. We've been able to stay in business due to customer satisfaction, which lends itself to word of mouth referrals.

As a small business, that is the breadth of our business, and we rely on that to thrive. Concrete is a wonderful material due to its customizability, durability, and working strength. It has an endless amount of uses, can be made to look aesthetic, and ultimately add value to your property, whether that may be residential or commercial.

So when you're ready to work with a professional, reliable team of concrete contractors, give us a call and we'll get you started.

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